diciembre 22, 2020
Millennials en pandemia

Millennials during the pandemic: back at home or seeking independence?

The pandemic has forced many young people to leave their apartments and return home to their parents, but others have seen the health crisis as an opportunity to become independent.
diciembre 21, 2020

Tec de Monterrey, the only Mexican nominator for the EarthShot Prize

The search for the first winners has begun. Everyone can participate: students, associations, other universities, and even individual applicants.
diciembre 18, 2020
marijuana or tobacco

We explain which does more harm to your body: marijuana or tobacco

Tobacco has been found to have more harmful effects simply because it’s been studied for longer than marijuana.
diciembre 17, 2020

Patients have stopped going to the doctor’s out of fear of Covid-19 infection and their conditions have worsened

The head of teaching at Hospital de la Ceguera says that irreversible complications are caused by people not going to clinics.
diciembre 17, 2020

The paleontological find of the century

diciembre 16, 2020
should do to make up for spending the sitting down

Scientists reveal how much exercise you should do to make up for spending the whole day sitting down

A sedentary lifestyle, spending too much time without physical activity, is becoming one of the biggest health risks.
diciembre 15, 2020
Christmas parties during Covid-19

Can we have Christmas parties during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The holiday season has begun, bringing with it the common cold, the flu, and Covid-19. Four TecSalud experts explain what we can do to protect ourselves.
diciembre 14, 2020

Lumbago, the enemy of people staying at home

Lack of movement and obesity trigger back pain that, in severe cases, warrants surgery.
diciembre 11, 2020

Here’s the first woman to run the UNAM Institute of Nuclear Sciences

She reveals details of the moment when rector Enrique Graue told her the news of her appointment by cellphone.
diciembre 9, 2020

The paleontological find of the century

A window onto the past has been opened in what will become the Felipe Ángeles International Airport: teams have discovered the remains of 70 mammoths.
diciembre 9, 2020
pharmacies by Amazon

Pharmaceuticals without pharmacies: an irresponsible move by Amazon?

A debate has sprung up as to whether pharmacies should be replaced by a digital home delivery platform.
diciembre 8, 2020
gels made from methanol

The lethal risks of alcohol in gels made from methanol

Seizures, permanent blindness, or even death are some of the side effects of this prohibited substance.