enero 13, 2021

The “horror show” facing cinemas in Mexico

Fear of becoming infected due to the pandemic has caused a major crisis in the national film industry.
enero 12, 2021

The hazards of QR codes

This technology is put under the microscope by three experts, who share tips on how to use it safely.
enero 11, 2021

The Mexican Tec graduates who are using vertical farming to eradicate hunger

Vertical farms use 90% less water than traditional agriculture and can meet the challenge of feeding more than 9 billion people.
enero 8, 2021
Christmas gifts, giving experiences, BigBox

The best present could be an experience

The holiday season is coming. What gifts are you going to give? Do you want to give an unforgettable present? Here are some alternatives.
enero 7, 2021
Americans don’t want to get vaccinated

37% of Americans don’t want to get vaccinated against Covid-19

People don’t trust the vaccine, because they suspect that there are political strategies undermining its scientific backing.
enero 6, 2021
playing with fireworks

The risks to your eyes of playing with fireworks

In Mexico, 30% of injuries caused by fireworks are sight-related.
enero 5, 2021
Gonzalo Moratorio

The only Latin American to enter Nature’s Top 10

The results he obtained in the fight against Covid-19 in Uruguay have catapulted him to the elite of international science.
enero 4, 2021
government gives very little support to startups

“The government gives very little support to startups”: Ignacio de la Vega

Tec de Monterrey’s Business School Dean dissected the current bleak situation for startups and proposed solutions.
diciembre 30, 2020
Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating

Mexico’s challenges for vaccinating against Covid-19

The Mexican government will present its vaccination plan. Tec Review talks to experts to find out what they foresee.
diciembre 28, 2020
Shadow IT

We explain Shadow IT and the risks it poses to your company

The IT vulnerability of companies has increased as they move to remote working.
diciembre 24, 2020
continuar los ensayos de las vacunas contra la Covid-19

Should Covid-19 vaccine trials continue after the vaccines have been authorized?

The pharmaceutical company Moderna has revealed that a participant in its trial, who hadn’t been vaccinated, died of the coronavirus.
diciembre 23, 2020
quebraron más de un millón de empresas

Why have more than a million companies gone under in Mexico?

The effects of the pandemic show the need to choose a more supportive economic system.