marzo 25, 2021
Claudia Rico

Claudia Rico: The Mexican woman who convinced others that age doesn’t matter when it comes to art

She is a violinist in the Chihuahua State Philharmonic Orchestra and founder of the Libélula (Dragonfly) collective.
marzo 24, 2021
business from home

Running a business from home: three entrepreneurs who made it happen

The crisis has forced some people to work from home, while others have discovered new ideas and fulfilled their dreams.
marzo 23, 2021

Julieta Fierro’s choice of myths debunked by science

Flat Earth theory and Olga Sánchez Cordero’s nanoparticle drops are some myths that have no scientific basis.
marzo 22, 2021
Can social media be regulated in Mexico

Can social media be regulated in Mexico? Here’s what the experts have to say

It’s become part of our lives, and we’re constantly checking it. But does it really need to be regulated?
marzo 19, 2021
renewable energies are needed to prevent blackouts

Experts: more renewable energies are needed to prevent blackouts

Dependence on a single form of energy production causes any country to lose the ability to adapt to environmental changes.
marzo 18, 2021
Gimena Peña

Gimena Peña, the Mexican who kept sight of her dream and triumphed in Silicon Valley

Gimena Peña Malcampo has founded three companies and is currently CEO of two of them. […]
marzo 16, 2021
Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility: how to become a success story

What are the first steps? Who can I donate to and what kind of philanthropy should I engage in? An expert gives you practical examples.
marzo 12, 2021
noticias covid-19

Here are the results of Chinese vaccine trials on the elderly

Trials to test its efficacy on people over the age of 60 took place in Hebei Province, China.
marzo 11, 2021
ultrasound scanner

The ultrasound scanner, an unsung hero in the struggle against Covid-19

It’s a very useful instrument for initial diagnoses, and also for critical patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
marzo 10, 2021
Goldbach’s conjecture

Goldbach’s conjecture: unproven by humans or computers

The simplicity of this mathematical statement does not reflect its depth, which has surpassed any theory known to date.
marzo 9, 2021
emotional salary

What is an emotional salary?

We explain how to identify it, where it’s paid, how you can measure it, and the benefits it can bring to your company.
marzo 8, 2021
When to use condom

When to use condom and when not to

Experts remind you that love and trust aren’t vaccines against an infection. We explain more about sexual health.