One way to sell original products or to auction collectibles is through the internet. Some platforms such as eBay, which specialize in e-commerce and auctions, are paying attention to marketing trends in online items. According to Asociación de Internet MX this market represents approximately 396 billion pesos.

Over the past year, e-commerce around the world has seen the rise of new technologies that change the way users interact with the online buying and selling process.  Advances in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have created a strong upward trend that will continue over the course of 2020.

According to eBay specialists, if you’re an entrepreneur and sell items online, you should be aware of the following trends for these types of sales:

Oral Description

Writing will be a thing of the past, as oral product descriptions will be produced by computers. “The tedious part of writing product descriptions will be eliminated by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer generated views. For instance, computer generated views will show us what the product looks like and NLP will generate descriptions for immediate use,” says Ellis Luk, Mobile Product Manager.

Software Evolution

Software is also evolving to present us with sustainable versions that help build, maintain and evolve service systems efficiently. “When artificial intelligence is used for information technology operations, it will enhance the most fundamental elements of e-commerce platforms,” says applied researcher Hanzahang Wang.

Physical and Digital Coexistence

“Businesses that learn to combine traditional shopping with the convenience of digital shopping will have greater control over the user experience from start to finish. By doing so, they will gain traction both in their brick and mortar stores and online,” says product manager Tanaya Suveerachaimontain.

There’s also a great opportunity for digital natives, companies whose sales have always been via the internet. “For those who use points of sale, online sales can be an alternative and a joint strategy. But for digital native businesses, this is their best platform for competing on price, distinguishing features, design, niche products and logistics, with no need for branches,” says Jorge Bravo, Director General of the Digital Policy & Law consultancy firm.

 Smarter Devices

2020 will see the arrival of devices that use artificial intelligence for consumerism. “This kind of technology will transform the way users interact not only with their surroundings, but also with the internet,” says Jake Hall, Head of Mobile Apps for eBay Motors.

More Mobile Apps

In 2017, Google created and launched Flutter, an open source project for mobile app development.  Software engineer Larry McKenzie believes that companies of all sizes can use this tool to attain huge development goals with smaller teams. “This tool will allow developers to create products that people want to use and that designers will love to create,” he adds.

Integrated Security

Buyers also expect their transactions to be safer from the offset. “Every day, more and more buyers expect the service they receive to look after their security, be always available, and offer immediate response. Devices equipped with artificial intelligence will enable this by storing all information in the cloud,” says Senthil Padmanabhan, Vice President of eBay Buyer Experience.

E-commerce in Mexico grew 20.1% from 2016 to 2017 and the trend will continue, according to statistics from Asociación de Internet MX, although there are still issues to solve. “The important thing is to build trust, create and improve shopping experiences and overcome traditional sales conditions such as returns,” says Bravo.

The True Influencers

Who do you listen to when you try out a product or food? eBay specialists have detected that influencers (people with digital product placement) are helping consumers more than ever to make purchasing decisions. “Technology allows you to discover music or find news items through people whom you don’t know but have similar tastes. This also occurs when buying something, particularly fashion items or collectibles, which is helping to create the true influencers,” says Bradford Shellhammer, Vice President of Buyer Connection.

Bravo says that internet sales will undoubtedly grow. The question now is when they will surpass traditional sales in Mexico for the first time.


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