XBA Artificial Intelligence
(Photo: Courtesy of XBA)

Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important driving force for the Mexican economy.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), there were 4.9 million micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in 2019.

However, SMEs are facing two major problems, as described by Keelby Tiellery Lascuráin, co-founder of XBA (Strategic Business Advisor): on the one hand, access to technology and, on the other, a lack of discipline in the implementation of solutions.

Keelby describes XBA as a technological platform developed with artificial intelligence in order to provide business consulting services to SMEs professionally, accessibly, and immediately.

Founded by Hector Uribe and Keelby Tiellery, the company started with a group of experts who were committed to applying artificial intelligence to the future of microenterprises in Mexico.

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Artificial Intelligence solutions

Today, it is common for people to attend meetings through different digital platforms. SMEs are no exception, as they were forced to switch from face-to-face to digital strategies.

Due to this situation, XBA looked for a way to create the necessary tools for its users.

It is not only about providing specific solutions to each problem, but “accompanying them with tools that have been developed by us, such as CRM (customer relationship management) for B2B (business to business) enterprises to make sales management more efficient,” explains Tiellery Lascuráin.

XBA is based on two levels of artificial intelligence. On one side, there is a “tree” of possible solutions, created from a series of structured texts, as well as strategies for specific problems.

The other side is based on “learning with data”, which aims to reach a considerable number of enterprises matched according to region, industry, and the life-stage characteristics of each company.

XBA’s co-founder explains that the aim is to find specific elements, identify particular solutions, and generate knowledge.

Through the app, entrepreneurs can find the area that they want to strengthen and identify advisers and their available hours to start a conversation.

They currently have 25 experts available in fields such as economy and innovation, marketing, SMEs, consulting, administration, and corporate law.

Prices range from 1,000 to 1,500 pesos per consultation. “Compared with other business models that only allow a limited number, the strategic basis of this business model allows thousands of companies to access specific solutions simultaneously through the digital platform,” says Tiellery Lascurain.

A few weeks ago, an alarming situation became known: more than a million SMEs, which represent about 21% of the total of existing ones, have disappeared as a consequence of the current health emergency.

In the current circumstances, SMEs need to find new solutions that have been adapted for new technologies in order to survive, in the post-Covid period as well.

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