Christmas parties during Covid-19
Experts warn that the call to stay at home isn’t enough and that infections are rising. (Photo: iStock)

“The Christmas holidays are at risk because we don’t shield ourselves enough,” said Fernando Castilleja, TecSalud director of wellbeing and prevention and moderator of the weekly TecSalud conversation.

During the conference, “What can we do about the Covid rebound?”, the four experts explained why the weather and the seasonal cycle of viral infections place us in an imminent phase of a rebound in coronavirus cases, so preventative measures must be reinforced.

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Am I immune if I’ve already had Covid-19?

This is one of the most common questions from many Mexicans. The leader of the Covid-19 program, Michel Martínez, explained that reinfection is proven, although there are some cases where immunity can last up to eight months.

“13% of those who had symptoms don’t develop immunity, while 40% of the asymptomatic don’t generate immunity,” said Martínez.

Another question is, “whether you’re no longer infectious after 10 days if you’ve had a mild case of Covid-19. In the case of mild symptoms, you’re no longer infectious after 14 days,” added the leader of the Covid-19 program.

What’s more, Covid-19 leaves long term damage on the lungs, which means that if patients have a bout of flu and we take into account that their organs are damaged, it would be fatal.

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If the vaccine already exists, should I stop wearing a face mask?

Alejandro Torres, data expert and member of the Taskforce, said that, “the vaccine will not be a solution from one day to the next. The use of face masks and other measures will overlap with vaccination.”

He also highlighted the decrease in mortality from 5 to 10%, as a result of early treatment. “Intubation has given positive results, so there should be no fear. It’s one of the first treatments that should be given to a Covid-19 patient.”

The importance of vaccination against influenza was also underlined, as this is a necessary measure in order to avoid the combination with Covid-19. On the other hand, Dr. Martínez advised that, “Covid-19 patients can have influenza vaccinations more or less 14 days after infection.”

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Christmas with safety measures

“There are going to be Christmas parties, that’s a fact. People will have them even if they’re advised otherwise,” Alejandro Torres anticipated. That’s why the experts urged the population to follow all the pertinent safety measures and recommended not wearing face masks with valves, but cloth ones instead.

“We’ve changed the treatment protocol based on research. It’s been modified to what has shown the best response in clinical trials. We’re doing well in the field, but it’s no use if outsiders don’t follow these measures,” concluded Dr. Francisco Moreno, from the Zambrano Hellion Covid hospital.