Best Buy Mexico
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Best Buy, one of the largest technology stores in Mexico, will close its 49 branches in Mexico due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Best Buy released a statement to say that it has already been forced to close eight of its branches during these months.

The site is expected to continue operating until its inventory is exhausted.

“All of our customers can be confident that both the orders being processed and the purchases they make in the coming weeks will be delivered in a timely manner. if you have any other questions, please consult our call center, social media, and the list of frequently asked questions on our page,” they announced.

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The store hit by the pandemic

Fernando Silva, President of Best Buy Mexico, recognized the efforts made by thousands of workers in the organization.

“This decision in no way reflects upon the efforts made by our team of collaborators. We should be very proud of what we have achieved at Best Buy Mexico: we built an extraordinary team and established an exceptional culture. We’ve transformed the way Mexicans interact with and are inspired by technology, bringing it closer to millions of families to improve their lives. We built the number one brand in technology, with iconic differentiation, and a growing market share thanks to our customers,” he said.

However, he added that, “despite this extraordinary work, the effects of the pandemic have been very profound, and it is no longer viable for us to maintain our business in Mexico. Therefore, it only remains for me to thank, from the bottom of my heart, our collaborators and business partners who have been part of this adventure during the last thirteen years.”

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Helping the collaborators

Silva said that help and support will be provided to employees in this process of change and that the conditions for ending their relationship with the company will be more favorable than those established by law.

He also pointed out that the company’s teams will receive workshops on the effective use of the different job search platforms, how to create CVs, and job interview simulations.

Best Buy anticipates that life insurance for all employees will be covered for 2021. Major medical expense insurance will also be extended for those employees who have it for the same amount of time.