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In a world where billions of people are connected via mobile devices with computing power, storage capacity and access to data, the doors are opening to unprecedented cybersecurity risks.

And these dangers –according to Luis Trujillo Vázquez, founder of Delta Protect, a cybersecurity services project– are multiplied by emerging technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and biotechnology.

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“We’re more vulnerable than we think with regard to both personal and business cybersecurity,” stated Trujillo Vázquez when giving a virtual talk at the INC Monterrey entrepreneurship festival.

3 keys to cybersecurity for businesses

Due to this vulnerability, the entrepreneur recommended that Mexican business owners make cybersecurity part of their everyday organizational culture through three specific actions:

Activating two-factor authentication processes, which request a second code that changes constantly, in order to be able to access platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Setting complex passwords on all company computers and, if feasible, changing them periodically to increase the degree of protection against hackers.

Not providing personal or corporate information when asked to by internet sites, unless the security of the request has been verified.

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Vulnerability in times of crisis

Vulnerability increases in times of crisis. The specialist recalled that when Italy was the country most affected by Covid-19, the average number of cyberattacks in that country increased almost fourfold from February to March compared with other nations.

“Times of crisis are times of glory for hackers, who don’t empathize or put themselves in anyone else’s shoes,” he said during the virtual talk.

He also pointed out that the occurrence of events organized by international institutions are conducive to hacking electronic devices. To this end, he predicted that, “For the 2021 World Cup, there’ll be many cyberattacks to do with this sporting event.”

Finally, Trujillo commented that the future has caught up with us. Today, all those stories of global cyberattacks that just a decade ago were only the plot of science fiction movies have come true.