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We tell you how to improve your personal brand. (Photo: iStock)

If you’ve started your business and don’t know what your branding is, don’t worry, this has happened to many other female entrepreneurs.

The first thing you should do is be clear about who you are, your values, the change you want to see in the world, and what you’re doing to attract that change.

Wendy Crespi, CEO of Crespi & Consultants explains that, “personal branding is visibility. Today, we’re our own advertisement and product. We become publicity for our business.”

The aim of personal branding is to leave a mark on others. Your job will be to manage it. It’s your reputation. Personal branding must be based on self-knowledge.

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Build your branding

“How do you present yourself to others? How would you like to be seen? That’s the initial question,” says Cynthia Marcos Vidaurri, Communication Coordinator for the Guadalupe Women’s Institute.

“Answer these questions about you and your brand. Who am I? What do I want? Who am I addressing? Who do I compete with? From there, you should draw up strategies, but do so without losing authenticity. You can’t speak to everyone, it should be someone like you, with whom you share similar interests. It’s not about limiting yourself, but about pinpointing efforts,” says Wendy Crespi.

As for the competition, you have to get to know them. “They’re not your enemies. Find out whether they’re open to forging connections. If not, then you have to find a way to highlight your differences. Do all of that with good communication,” adds Crespi.

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Which social networks suit me?

If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist. Nowadays, people use Google to search for everything. They look at business recommendations on social media, so you have to open these accounts.

At the beginning, you won’t have the funds for a social media team. It’s up to you to do everything, that’s why it’s important to do these things before going digital: do your research, define your niche well, and start from there. But bear in mind that success is a team effort.

“Don’t overload yourself with social networks. You can’t handle all of them on your own, so choose one. It should be the one that best suits you. In my case, that was LinkedIn, but maybe for you it’s Instagram. You’ll need a team, but at the beginning you have to focus on just one,” advises Marisela Garcia, founder of Global Women in Venture Initiative.

To choose your social networks, you have to be smart about segmentation. “How old are the people who follow you? That answer will tell you which networks you should invest your time in. And keep it going, maybe not 10 posts a day, but keep it alive”, adds Cynthia Marcos Vidaurri.

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Social networks that are personal or for my brand?

Without a doubt, you should have a special profile for you and another for your brand, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your personal networks because these are also part of your advertising.

“There are two pillars to entrepreneurship: personal and work. I recommend that you dedicate 20% of your efforts to selling, because a recommendation goes 500% further than any sales strategy. So, don’t neglect talking about yourself on your networks, but do respect the 20% for sales and prioritize recommendations,” explains Wendy.

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To transcend borders

Marisela García, founder of the Global Women in Venture Initiative, works from the United States and explains that often internationalization isn’t the first step, but sometimes comes 5 years after national sales. The order of that isn’t important, but what you do based on that decision is.

“The first thing is that your website must have the option to convert all the content to the languages you want to reach. The second is to choose your main market. From there, look for the right partnerships to achieve your goals,” says García.

The language depends on your customers, but you must give priority to those who give you the most monetization, followed by those you want to reach.

Finally, forge a strong connection with the community on your social networks. Have a network of mentors to guide you from the start. Create a support network between female entrepreneurs, so that everyone can help each other by sharing their knowledge and experiences in successes and failures.

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