Wilbert Luna
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Wilbert Luna Arellanes is a lawyer and a Tec graduate. His work has been in the areas of combating corruption, defending data privacy, and regulating financial services. It is currently focused on fintech matters.

He started work at the Ministry of the Treasury in 2008 and he served as national representative to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Luna Arellanes also had a hand in phrasing regulations such as the Mexican Anti-Money Laundering Law.

After working at the ministry for several years, Luna applied for a scholarship in 2013 to study a master’s at Harvard Law School.

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A great opportunity

Luna graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the Toluca Campus of Tec de Monterrey in 2008. He acknowledges that it had been his dream since he was a child to enter this university and he saw it as something to aspire to.

“I come from an economic environment that was not necessarily the most favorable, and I really wanted to study at the Tec. I got in with the institution’s support when I studied high school because I had a scholarship. It’s provided me with so many opportunities in my life,” he says in an interview with Tec Review.

When he was studying for his degree, Luna Arellanes did an academic exchange at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. After spending that time at a foreign institution, he decided that he would later take the chance to study at another world-renowned institution.

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Age and experience?

Wilbert Luna, 34, says that one of his obstacles is age and the way people might look at him.

“In terms of work, I think a lot has to do with age. People don’t take you seriously. I remember going to OECD forums in Paris. As they saw I was very young, 26 or 27, they didn’t care much about what I had to say. I had to learn subtle ways of making them listen to me,” he says.

The Tec graduate recommends people on both sides making adjustments to prevent this kind of situation. In the case of companies, he urges directors to remain open to listening to young people, becoming their mentors, and following up on their ideas. Luna recommends that those starting out in the world of work should dare to participate and form important professional networks.

The world of fintech

The Mexican financial system was the topic that most attracted Luna. While investigating financial crimes, he started learning more about cyber fraud, card hacking, and other crimes related to technology.

“At the moment, I’m helping investors and companies put together projects of this kind. I’m working with several Californian companies on the launch of a new product that will make it easier to send and receive payments here in Mexico,” says Luna.

This month, Euromoney Legal Media Group gave the Rising Star award to Wilbert Luna. These awards evaluate the careers of young lawyers under 40 who are on their way up in different legal areas.

“I think it’s been a combination of the support a lot of people have given me, including Tec de Monterrey, and my own work that have allowed me to have an interesting career,” he adds.


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