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Entrepreneurs need reliable platforms for forming business relationships, displaying their proposals, approaching investors, and finding audiences that require their services. That’s the spirit of INCmty, which is into its seventh year.

This entrepreneurship festival is to be held completely virtually for the first time since it was created. At its launch event today, Rogelio de los Santos, President of INCmty, published the list of more than 200 speakers.

As of part of the 2020 INCmty Festival kickoff, business owners from Mexico, Chile, and Colombia will be sharing some alternatives for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. This event will also have recommendations from Santiago Botero, founder of Finsocial, on how to start up from scratch.

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Tec Pride

This entrepreneurship festival is considered the most important one of its kind in Latin America. It will have challenges, conferences, and summit meetings on five big topics. At the core of all of these will be participation by women and social entrepreneurs.

Business Hack

Human Growth

Digital Inclusion


Emerging Technology

“Some of the biggest milestones we’ve seen at INCmty have come about since its inception in 2013,” says Josué Delgado, Director of INCmty. In an interview with Tec Review, Delgado highlighted some of the achievements of this convention for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“We were the venue for the 2015 Startup Nation Summit. There were representatives, finance ministers, and government leaders from more than 70 countries. They get together in one country every year to talk about these topics,” says Delgado. So, the Tec has a track record in consolidating events for entrepreneurs with worldwide recognition.

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The challenge of the pandemic

Although the festival had been a face-to-face event until last year, the pandemic has changed the way things will be done this year. “This is another milestone. Since March, we’ve been providing digital solutions focused on entrepreneurs,” says Delgado.

One big advantage of this year’s digital event is that the festival has been extended to a week. It was held over just three days in previous years.  With this extension, the schedule allows all the entrepreneurs to access the events they’re interested in.

The change in attendees is also special, as nearly 9,000 people took part last year. This year, the approximate number of virtual attendees will be 20,000. “We’re going to have more than 70 hours of live content with more than 200 speakers addressing the Summit topics and subtopics,” says Delgado.

Today’s activities are just a taste of what will happen at the festival. INCmty 2020 will be held from November 2 to 6 and the call for participants will close the first week of October.



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