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Did you know that the company you work for has to take care of your happiness and stress levels? Official Mexican Standard (NOM) 035-STPS-2018 came into effect on October 23, 2019. Its objective is to identify, analyze, and prevent psychosocial risk factors in the workplace. Encouraging happiness doesn’t just help you comply with the standard. It’s also profitable.

This is what Gizehlle García has demonstrated. She’s a Tec graduate of the San Luis Potosí campus who won the 2020 Women’s Prize in the Life and Work category. García’s interest in social development was bolstered while studying for a degree in marketing.

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“I studied the subject of mass communication when I began my degree. It had a big impact on me. That was the other face of the subject of marketing. The focus was totally humanistic, very social,” she says in an interview for Tec Review.

A project dedicated to your wellbeing

Not all is lost if your company doesn’t concern itself about your mental health, your integrated wellbeing, and your development. There’s still a lot of work to be done. But it is possible to change the focus towards having a healthy working environment.

This is what García is working on with Happiness is Profitable. That’s the corporate wellness program she teaches at companies in order to take care of their most valuable asset: their employees.

The business owner says that some of her clients are in the car industry, a sector that represents 20% of Mexico’s manufacturing activity. Mexico is the seventh-largest vehicle producer in the world.

García began the project as a fitness room. It is now an integrated wellbeing project for companies. They comply with NOM-035 while taking care of their employees.

“I began to dedicate myself to developing and presenting integrated wellbeing programs for organizations in 2015. It’s been a truly satisfying experience. Above all, at this time of crisis in global public health. This makes us realize that health and wellbeing are our main assets,” says the prizewinner.

Here’s how corporate wellness helps you

Whether you own a business or you’re an employee, corporate wellness helps you manage stress in a healthy way.

“The subject of (staff) turnover is something that concerns a lot of companies. This type of program helps them to create a greater sense of belonging,” emphasizes García.

Here are some of the areas that benefit companies which take care of their employees’ integrated wellbeing:

1. Improved job performance

2. Choice of career

3. Life planning

4. Correction of bad habits

5. Increased satisfaction with life/work balance

NOM-035 encourages a favorable organizational environment and compliance is monitored by inspectors from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

In their reports, inspectors can file complaints about violations of this standard and the fines for breaches can reach sums of up to 400,000 pesos.

“We have to return human beings to the heart of every work team and every organization,” says García, whose aim is to make companies better.

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