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Should I restart activities when warning levels are orange or red? Is a cold a symptom of having Covid-19? Can I go back to the office to work? Are we a responsible company if we open our offices now?

Questions like these are asked by employers and employees because of the uncertainty surrounding the ‘new normal’, when companies that are currently working from home will to return to their offices.

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To clear up any doubts, three entrepreneurs (two from San Luis Potosí and one from Mexico City) can provide answers through their software Chequeo.mx.

Using the various tools built into this platform, business owners can find out if a company’s employees are at risk of carrying Covid-19, determine if their facilities are safe, and can even calculate whether any of their staff has been in contact with a localized outbreak of the disease, thus avoiding contagions in the workplace.

“Chequeo.mx exists for a specific reason and that is being able to help companies rethink their relationship with their employees and form a 100% confidential relationship with them about their health. It’s designed to support the reactivation of all companies in a safe way,” explained Everhard Ortega, co-founder of Vincom, the company that created Chequeo.mx.

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Its objective is to both prevent outbreaks of Covid-19 inside workplaces and manage company responses to official health measures all within a single platform, so that companies can return to work in the ‘new normal’.

Growth through big data

What started as a big data analytics company for the retail and manufacturing industries turned to software for plotting cases of Covid-19 in businesses.

A year and a half ago, Eduardo Centeno, Everhard Ortega and Lorenzo Ysasi founded Vinculación Comercial (Vincom), through which they began to provide information integration services for data analysis.

“Businesses have a lot of sales, inventory, distribution, and marketing information, and sometimes it’s very difficult to analyze that information all in one place. The service that Vincom offers is to take all this information and put it together in intelligent analytics reports,” says Centeno.

He adds that today, Vincom has a portfolio of 40 companies, offices in San Luis Potosí and Mexico City, eight direct employees in those cities. There are also sales representatives who have brought Vincom’s services to companies with more than 5,000 employees and startups that have investments of 100 million pesos in the Bajío, the north and the center of the country.

Adapting to economic shock

As Covid-19 cases increased until a pandemic was declared, Vincom customers began to close their stores and wind down their operations in response to the requirements of the Mexican authorities. As a result, the entrepreneurs looked for alternative business opportunities to be able to meet the needs of their clients.

“Starting in February, we began to notice a change in Mexico’s entire economic outlook (…) I think there was an economic shock rather than a health shock: departmentalized companies and some retail stores begin to close their operations; clients no longer had information to analyze because both production and sales had been halted,” Centeno recalled about the beginning of Chequeo.mx.

With the arrival of the pandemic in Mexico, using the big data service no longer made sense for its clients as production and sales were on pause, so the entrepreneurs had to adapt. With the development of Chequeo.mx, they now work with nearly 1,500 users and more than 10 companies.

“We sat down with our clients (who came in all shapes and sizes) to really identify their needs and how we could help them. They told us that the problem was not how to sell more, distribute better or have better inventories, but how to return to work safely,” said this Tec graduate.

Centeno and Ortega, who studied business engineering and information technology and are graduates of the Tec de Monterrey Campus in San Luis Potosí, launched the platform in May. They believe that it will be necessary for companies to have evaluations that determine the safety of their employees, since the COVID-19 pandemic will continue in the coming months.

Following federal government guidelines, as well as those from the Work and Social Welfare Ministry, the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization, the platform brings together recommendations so that companies can reopen their doors and meet both national and international requirements.

“What we wanted to do through Chequeo.mx was to evolve with the way employees and companies work (…) and give them information so they to know how to safely open their businesses again without putting their employees at risk. For us and many of our clients, our employees are our most important asset,” says Ortega.

You can find out more about Chequeo.mx, and the employee traceability data that you can get from it by clicking here.


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