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Tec Review has added another award to the list. This publication from Tecnológico de Monterrey and Grupo Expansión received the gold medal in the Photography category for the portfolio Los seres que no vemos (The Beings We Don’t See) at the 55th annual awards from the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), which recognize the best editorial design in the world.

Through macrophotography, photographer Javier Rupérez gives us a close-up view of a group of insects that appear to be from another planet. This portfolio was coordinated by Berenice Rodríguez and forms part of our May-June issue.

“This recognition is the result of teamwork and reflects the quality that Tec Review has built up over the years, which gives photographers the confidence to publish with us,” says Rodríguez.

“Once again, the value of our commitment to using high-quality photographic material has been confirmed.”

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For Rodrigo Olmos, Art Editor of the magazine, the award recognizes teamwork and the great passion that is demonstrated every day.

Tec Review is a publication that cares about delivering the best content to its readers with the help of internal and external collaborators; always attracting the best talent and looking for a unique way to display its content,” he added.

This year, the magazine was also nominated for the report “Vacunas, preocupación mundial” (Vaccinations, A Global Concern), published in the July-August 2019 issue, and for the portfolio “Pinturas desde el cielo” (Paintings From The Sky), which appeared in the July-August 2019 issue.

International publications such as The New York Times Magazine, MIT Technology Review, WIRED, Smithsonian Magazine, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone also competed at the 55th annual awards.

This is not the first time that Tec Review has won an SPD award. In 2019, the publication won a silver medal for the photographic portfolio “En Colima, México. El Volcán de Fuego” (In Colima, Mexico. The Fiery Volcano), by photographer Sergio Tapiro, which was published in Issue 15 for January-February 2018.

The year before that, it won a gold medal in 2018 for the story “México está de pie” (Mexico Stands), by the photographer Pedro Mera, which it published in Issue Number 14 for November-December 2017. It is the first Mexican magazine to have won three SPD awards in a row.

Tec Review is growing: it’s launching a site in English and a podcast. Follow our content.


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