There are more options for continuing education courses at Tec de Monterrey: it now has distance learning programs including live interaction.

Jorge Blando, Vice Rector of Continuing Education at the Tec, explained that diploma and certification courses using the Live (Learning Interactive Virtual Experience) method are online programs that combine two types of learning.

“It’s a digital learning experience that combines synchronous learning, which is guided by an expert who provides relevant content and experiences, with asynchronous learning supported by the digital platform.”

Class are virtual, with groups of no more than 30 people, in which there are forums for discussion with experts and examination of real cases with solutions for a working environment.

There are currently 10 diploma, certificate, and certification programs using the Live method, which take from 84 to 104 hours to complete.

“Another important element is that participants apply their knowledge to a project or challenge which is resolved over the course of the program under the guidance of an expert,” added the vice rector.

What’s more, the platform offers students the opportunity to access content and videos that can be seen several times to improve their learning experience.

When participants have completed their courses, they obtain digital badges using blockchain technology to add to their résumés on digital platforms.

Live Method Programs

1) Advanced Purchase Management

This diploma course covers the continuous, prompt, and sustainable supply of goods and services through the design of effective purchasing strategies, management structures, and agreements with suppliers.

2) Strategic Management of Human Resources

This diploma course enables professionals from human resource areas to create strategic plans for developing and retaining talent in organizations.

3) Business Management

This diploma course supports the development of visions, actions, strategic solutions, and decision making to strengthen organizations, provide wellbeing to collaborators, and have a positive impact on their audiences.

4) Data Science: Decision Making with Predictive Analysis

This diploma course covers the design of decision-making strategies based on data science, the use of algorithms for segmenting, classifying, finding patterns, and making predictions.

5) Developing Management Skills: Leader of Leaders

This certificate course is aimed at those who want to lead and inspire their teams towards personal and professional growth, as well as foster an environment of collaboration and work/life balance that has a positive impact on operations and results.

6) Ethics and International Corporate Compliance

This certification course enables participants to train to direct, develop, and implement ethics and compliance programs in organizations, as well as evaluate compliance risks and their impact on the bottom line.

7) Strategic Training for High Performing Managers

This diploma course focuses on providing tools so that professionals can develop greater influence on organizations through personal, profitable, collaborative, and financial management for a changing global environment.

8) Agile and Professional Project Management Principles, Values and Methodologies

Participants on this diploma course will be able to develop skills for responding and adapting to organizational changes to meet the needs of their customers.

9) Lean Manufacturing

This diploma course focuses on developing skills, tools, and methodologies for quality and productivity systems in organizations based on lean methodology principles in manufacturing and office processes.

10) Real Estate Business Planning and Evaluation

This diploma course will help participants increase the effectiveness of decision making in administrative, commercial, legal, and financial areas for greater profitability in real estate projects or businesses.

Information from Conecta.


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