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Hiring freelancers is on the rise because, as professionals, they have a lot to offer. Last year alone, companies recruited 83% more self-employed workers than in 2017 according to the ‘2018 Freelance and Entrepreneurship Report’ produced by Workana, the leading freelance employment platform in Latin America.

According to the firm, this rise is driven by the capacity of these collaborators to empower the internal growth of companies since they cut through bureaucracies, deal with short-term jobs and prove to be more productive than the workers on the payroll.

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Guillermo Bracciaforte, co-founder of Workana, explains that they’re also professionals with specialized training, innovators and visionaries with a command of job self-awareness and communication skills.

However, adds Bracciaforte, companies put a special premium on five freelancing skills:

1 Trust and Reliability

Self-employed workers have a clear understanding of and know the value of their work. This enables them to accept job offers that provide them with a professional challenge and, at the same time, a good income. Companies need collaborators who know exactly what projects they have to do because this gives the company a clear idea of the benefits they will bring and the certainty that their investment will reap positive returns.

2 Growth Potential

These professionals manage their agenda strategically so that they have time to work on a variety of projects. This is something company directors are grateful for because it enables them to keep tabs on the current status of the activity being undertaken by the collaborator and its value for the company.

3 Assertiveness

Unlike workers on the payroll who may be afraid of losing their jobs, freelancers take nothing for granted. They ensure that messages have been transmitted and understood clearly and directly so as to make the most of the hours they spend at work. It’s important for them to give and receive feedback at the conclusion of a project, always highlighting achievements and areas that might be improved. This allows the company to give its point of view without anyone taking it personally or taking offense.

4 Saying no

Turning down a project is usually regarded as a flaw, a sign of weakness or a lack of professionalism, but in the freelancers’ world it is important to know how to say ‘no’ at the right time. This is something companies appreciate because they can now be certain that if a project is accepted, it will be finished; these workers do not commit to something without making sure they have enough time.

This characteristic of freelancers also helps organizations because it prevents behaviors or attitudes that may destabilize the team such as lack of commitment, glitches or emergencies that put pressure on delivery dates, or taking actions that put the project’s reputation at risk and situations that affect team-member productivity.

5 Constant updating

It is key for self-employed professionals to keep themselves up to date with the technological solutions that facilitate their project management as well as their communication with customers and suppliers. This not only assures companies that the work has been done to the highest possible standard but also that these collaborators are open to new work scenarios.

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